Student Tuition Recovery Fund

The Student Tuition Recovery Authority was created by in 1989 pursuant to Ohio Revised Code § 3332.081, et seq. The purpose of the Student Tuition Recovery Authority is to protect students of any registered school from pre-paid tuition loss due to school closure.

Beginning January 1, 1991, students who were enrolled at a registered school at the time it closed, may be eligible for reimbursement for their pre-paid tuition by submitting a claim for review to the Student Tuition Recovery Authority. All approved claims are paid out of money that has been placed in the Student Tuition Recovery Fund.

To submit a claim for reimbursement a student must complete the following form and provide the requested documentation to:

Student Tuition Recovery Authority
C/o State Board of Career Colleges and Schools
30 E. Broad St., Suite 2481 
Columbus, Ohio 43215

Student Tuition Recovery Fund Form


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