Board Staff Contact Information


Administrative Approvals John Ware
Agency Policy & Procedures John Ware
Agents Laura Essman
Approval of New Schools Ruth Myers
Bill Processor John Ware
Board Agendas, Minutes Ruth Myers
Bonds Laura Essman
Change of Address, Ownership, School Name, etc. Ruth Myers
Closed Schools Laura Essman
Compliance Issues John Ware
Fee Payments Ruth Myers
Financial Statements John Ware
Fiscal (Agency Budget, etc.) John Ware
Forms Coordinator Laura Essman
General Correspondence Ruth Myers
Interpretation of Rules/Regulations John Ware, Ruth Myers
Inventory Coordinator Laura Essman
Mail Routing Ruth Myers
New Programs Ruth Myers
Newsletter Laura Essman
Office Records Retention Coordinator Laura Essman
Payroll John Ware
Program Curriculum John Ware, Ruth Myers
Renewal Certificates of Approval, Letters, and Application Materials Ruth Myers
School Lists Ruth Myers
Student Records Requests Laura Essman
Student Tuition Recovery Fund John Ware
Unlicensed & Unregistered Schools John Ware
Web Site Maintenance John Ware

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