Continuing Education Requirements

2018 Continuing Education Memorandum
School Personnel* continuing education requirements

Pursuant to Ohio Administrative Code section 3332-1-08, employees of registered Ohio schools are required to take 20 hours of continuing education relating to their positions every two years, including:

  • 4 hours of least one of the approved online compliance and ethics training course
  • 16 hours of elective topics

*Requirements apply to: School Director, Chief Education Officer, Academic Officer, or Director of Education, Placement Director, Admissions Director, Financial Aid Director, full-time faculty member or instructor.

Click here for online continuing education training courses 


Ohio Admissions Representatives (Agents) continuing education requirements:

Ohio licensed agents (admissions representatives) are required to taking training pursuant to Ohio Administrative Code section 3332-1-17(G):

  • New Ohio admissions agents are required to take an online new agent admissions training course within sixty days of submitting a request for a new agent permit.
  • Existing Ohio Admissions agents applying for a renewal license are required to take one of the online admissions compliance courses.
Click here for online continuing education training courses 

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